Notification to all Insightify users:
Please note that Insightify will be discontinued as of January 18, 2016. We thank you for your support and wish you the best of luck in the New Year.

The Insightify Team

Insightify Features

All About Results

Poll friends on Twitter or gather customer data knowing that all of your results are private & secure. We use industry standard encryption to ensure the highest levels of security for your information.

Join the Community

Sign up today to access a cutting edge survey tool. Copy, edit or view public surveys, utilizing already crafted works. Public surveys.

Powerful Technology

Insightify represents a combination of the latest technologies and intuitive design thats culminates in a highly stimulating and efficient use of your time.

An Elegant Creation Process

Select, Create and Go

Creating a survey with Insightify is as easy as taking one. Utilize a standard set of question types, selecting the best method for polling your audience.

With Insightify, your surveys can be created and published within a few short minutes.

Blazing Fast Data

Speed Oriented

Track individual responses or survey wide trends in real time. Insightify's blazing speeds can handle 50-15,000 responses within seconds, displaying your results in an elegant and intelligible way.

Champion of Good Results

Create filters to narrow your responses and eliminate poor results. Insightify makes filtering outliers and bad data simple.

Enjoy granular control of individual responses or apply survey-wide filters, keeping you in complete control of your data.

Control in Real Time

Insightify empowers you to manipulate and interact with you data assisting you to analyze trends without multiple clicks or new pages.

A Growing Community

Public Surveys

Insightify houses public surveys easily accessible by all users who can view, copy and reuse completed works saving you time.

Adding Colleagues & Friends

Invite other colleagues and friends to create questions or view your results. You maintain control of what surveys they can access while they enjoy the benefits of Insightify.

Powerful Technology meets Powerful Design

On the Shoulders of Giants

Tenacious software starts with robust building blocks. Insightify combines the powerful technologies of Ruby, SpoutCore & CouchDB to give you a memorably elegant experience.

These technologies provide flexibility, speed and infrastructure needed for our users to experience a desktop application on the web.

Designed to Save You Time

After using other competitive survey products (Survey Pro, Survey Gizmo and Survey Monkey) our users saved 30% of time on average when building and launching surveys with Insightify.

Work in the Cloud

Ready out of the Box

All surveys and results stored on Insightify are fully hosted and maintained. We continue to update and add features to Insightify, free for all of our users.


All survey results are encrypted, utilizing industry standard practices for protection and security.

All credit card transactions are processed with secure encryption, hosted and maintained by Braintree. Card information is transmitted, stored and processed securely on a PCI-Compliant network.